Composer and Sound Designer Tai Vare has been working at the top of his field in the commercial film industry for over 18 years.

Whether crafting high impact commercials, or authentic cinematic works, Tai has an acute ear and talent for making every project live up to its highest potential.

Born and raised in the mountains of Aspen Colorado, Tai discovered his love of music and sound at an early age. He started with piano lessons, and was simultaneously influenced by the groundbreaking sounds of Star Wars. Tai began making compositions on early model synthesizers, guitar  and sound machines, generators and later virtual instruments and pedals. He is a gifted mimic and is dedicated to making every project live and breathe.

A schooled guitar player and multi instrumentalist, Tai incorporates acoustic and electronic elements in his music creations. The spectrum of sound generators ranges from guitars (electric and acoustic), bass, mandolins, worldly percussion instruments, drums, violin, dobro, banjo, ukulele, modern and vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and various virtual instruments. 

Tai is currently based in Los Angeles, CA and in Europe.


30765 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Suite 127
CA 90265


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